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Diamond Sun garlic is a variety of garlic that is large and flavorful. Cloves you can smell and taste so definitively and is not bitter. When eaten raw, it has a powerful, pungent flavor, and when cooked, adds tons of flavor without needing a lot.

Many have been enjoying our garlic roasted. Roasting garlic changes the flavor and texture significantly, resulting in creamy cloves with a nutty, mild taste.

If your used to eating garlic produced in China, you are in for a real treat when you try a clove of Diamond Sun Garlic!

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If you’d like to carry Diamond Sun Farms produce in your retail location, we provide solutions including preferred pricing and convenient order management and fulfillment. We ship our product in various size burlap bags and boxes. If you produce a product in a category that would fit with Diamond Sun Farms we would like to talk with you about sharing our web and distribution platform to bring more products to our customers.